Positive Thinkers Club – PTC

PTC is a platform for those who have the ability to think positively and then act accordingly. We do not endorse any political or non political organization. However, people from all walks of life and schools of thought can join to share their positive thinking at this forum. We believe that there are enough talented, honest, dedicated, and sincere people in Pakistan (that includes overseas Pakistanis) that a positive and solid change can be brought at grass root level by bringing these man and woman at a single forum without any label of party, religious and linguistic affiliation. PTC is not just a think tanks, these thinkers are determined to translate their dreams into practice.

If you are positive thinker, we welcome you.

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PTC Process:

Many new members take their time to become Core Member. They are impressed by one or the other dimension of PTC. However it is responsibility of up link to provide a training environment and explain repeatedly the basic concepts & principles upon which PTC is founded. Every member has to be linked to a previous member in a local chapter….


Our Activities & Projects


Parenting requires knowledge & a set of skills. PTC trains its members how to meaningful parenting leading to emerge of future leaders in next generation……. please see details

Basic Needs
We have to distinguish between desire & basic needs so that our creative young person can be unburdened. This project evaluate defining, producing & setting up a system of distribution of basic needs….. please see details


Education is not synonymous with certificates and degrees. The current methods of learning have been coupled with finance and business. The one who learns something wants to make money out of it. The current education does not impart real consciousness and understanding of life…….please see details

Health Restoration

Healthcare provision is one of the main projects PTC is undertaking. Unfortunately, the current coupling of medicine with business has made it such an expensive service that appropriate provision of health care seems to be a distant dream in Pakistan……please see details


Solar Energy
Solar energy is one of an alternate source of energy, which is available abundantly in Pakistan and can be a best source of our future power needs. Here we will discuss WHY solar energy is important for us and HOW we can achieve this technology to get real advantage…….please see details

Physical Community

All the projects PTC has undertaken can be implemented if there is certain number of people who believe in the lifestyle we are projecting. The parenting, solar energy, the healthcare, education and alternative economic model can be applied in a physical community where some highly enlightened people want to try the alternative lifestyle voluntarily…….please see details