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PTC membership is a process of understanding its concepts a methodology. This process involves a strong link & an core member is one who does 4 actions on consistent basis daily. This process also involves to be linked to a local chapter.
If there is no local chapter available, you can be a direct next link to Dr. Nasar Shahid (…
One easy way to understand the concepts & methodology is to describe them to new potential member. Please do not mix concepts & methodology.

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CORE MEMBER is one who has done 4 ACTIONS for at least 6 weeks and continues to do so on consistent basis, has at least one active down link and attends monthly meetings on regular basis…
PATRON is a member who is doing 4 ACTIONS irregularly but attends monthly meeting regularly and did not have any downlink….
FRIEND is a member who agrees to the concepts PTC but is irregularly in our activities….
We would like every member to be active and move forward in contribution to PTC.
we will designate a number to each member based on activity. the number will give complete history and activity of the member.

PTC 4 Actions

Four ACTIONS —-1
• Practice positive and alternative thinking
By READING recommended books, LISTENING
to audios and WATCHING DVD’s. 20 minutes every day
• One unit of currency (one dollar, 25 rupees, etc) every day:
Action that is concrete, reproducible and coupled with thinking
• ONE HABIT at a Time:
The Change You Wish To See In The World Lies Within You. Bring This Change Into Your Own Life First and Foremost.
Search train by developing relation of trust and friendship with at least 4 people who, then, can do these 4 actions.

Do whatever you want but do these 4 actions


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